Hats are a wonderful addition to any medieval costume.

Simple hat - available with or without brim, in wool or linen, shown here without brim. Other fabric options may be available, but lightweight fabrics such as cotton may increase the price because interfacing will need to be added to stiffen the fabric.

Leather Cap

Leather Cap - also available in wool or other heavy fabrics.

Chaperon - the classic silly hat of the 14th century. Shown here with dagging on both liripipe and cockscomb. Can also be worn as a hood. Available in any fabric or color. For best effect, choose a contrasting lining.


truncated cone hat, 'folded' style

Truncated Cone hats, available plain or 'folded' style, with or without veil. Shown with folded style, and with full veil, in modern fabrics. Another style of veil which does not cover the face is also available.

truncated cone hat with full face veil

This hat can be made with either heavy linen canvas, plastic canvas, or wicker/straw internal support, and can be made with any fabric.